Daniel Inman, a successful gold prospector, founded Danville in the 1800's. danville became the entertainment center for nearby farms and ranches. The downtown area is graced with old-fashioned lamps, pear trees, brick and cobblestone paving, combined with the style of many of the homes, still reminds the visitor of the town's frontier past.

Danville is a middle to upper class town with a rural feeling. Located in the San Ramon Valley, Danville is close to Mt. Diablo and the Las Trampas Regional Parks. Beautiful homes, new tracts and condominiums help sustain the ambiance of this charming community. Danville is situated among the rolling hills of Mt. Diablo, with BART nearby, this creates an appeal for residents who can commute all over the Bay Area.

Children in San Ramon, Blackhawk, Danville and Alamo attend the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. This district's ranking are very high.

Bordering Danville are Mt. Diablo and las Trampas Regional Parks which cover thousands of acres. In addition, there are five community parks, tennis courts, soccer fields, play areas and more.

Important Telephone Numbers
Cable TV (TCI Cablevision) (800) 870-5140
Chamber of Commerce (925) 837-4400
City of Danville (Township) (925) 820-6337
Fire Department (925) 838-6600
Garbage (Valley Waste Management) (925) 935-8900
Gas and Electric (PG&E) (800) 743-5000
Police Department (925) 820-2144
Telephone (Pacific Bell) (800) 310-2355
Water (EBMUD) (510) 465-3700
San Ramon Valley Unified School District
City Web site