Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill is your Bedroom Town that has been sprucing up for the last few years. School scores high, crime low, and activities many.

Site of Diablo Valley College, the largest community college in the county. Many activities are available through the YMCA Club. The park district has a good reputation and includes activities such as soccer, tennis, softball, swimming, bowling, and much more.

Although Pleasant Hill has many new homes, most residential construction took place in the 1950's and 1960's and consisted of tract homes, generally well kept.

Mt. Diablo Schools, Sequoia Elementary and Junior are two of the first basic schools in the county, enjoying high parental support and high scores.

College Park High rankings are landing the the 80th and 90th percentiles. All schools in Mt. Diablo District have been renovated.

Important Telephone Numbers
Cable TV (TCI Cablevision) (800) 870-5140
Chamber of Commerce (925) 687-0700
City of Pleasant Hill (925) 671-5270
Fire Department (925) 930-5500
Garbage (BFI) (925) 685-4716
Gas and Electric (PG&E) (800) 743-5000
Police Department (925) 671-4600
Telephone (Pacific Bell) (800) 310-2355
Water (EBMUD) (510) 835-3000
Water (Contra Costa) (925) 688-8044
Mt. Diablo Unified School District
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