Resale Value of Remodeling

Some home improvements will pay for themselves over time in energy savings. Others may more than return their cost by boosting a home's resale value. Some will never earn back their entire cost in financial terms buy may yield great returns in simple enjoyment value.

The following information is provided to give you an idea of the projected resale value of the most common home improvements.

(These figures represent averages and each improvement's value will be different depending on when the work was done and how well it was done).

The Dollars and Sense of Home Improvements


Percent of cost likely to be recovered
in resale

Remodeled Kitchen

75% to 100%

Remodeled Bath

40% to 75%

Add a Master Suite

Up to 100%

Add a Garage

60% to 100%

Add additional Bedroom(s)

Up to 100%

Add a Full Bathroom

40% to 75% (depends on the # of existing baths)

Add a Family Room

Up to 100% (return declines as cost increases)

Add a Redwood Deck

40% to 90%


40% to 75%

Concert Swimming Pool

Up to 40%

Exterior Repainting

50% to 60%